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Freestyle Evolution RV Awning

Freestyle Evolution (OEM Only)

No support legs give you unrestricted head clearance!

The Freestyle Evolution box awning has every advanced feature to make patio living easy, carefree and comfortable. Available in a roof mount option only and comes in lengths up to 16 feet. It installs easily to the RV with brackets designed for a wide range of applications from truck campers to Class B motor homes and smaller trailers.

Most noticeable about the Freestyle Evolution is the wide-open freedom afforded by the absence of support arms or legs. This 12V awning uses a lateral spring arm design to give RVers a clear living area for shaded activity and movement. The Freestyle’s Adjustable Pitch feature allows RVers to optimize the pitch angle for best shading throughout the day. When closed, the sleek case design is clean and stylish without awning arms to clutter today’s smart paint jobs.

The Freestyle Evolution also features the Carefree Connects Wireless Awning Control System with Auto-Retraction so the awning will retract itself upon detection of sustained motion caused by inclement weather. It also offers full featured remote control of the awning’s extension, retraction, LED lighting and even the sensitivity of the motion sensor so you can optimize the auto-retraction feature to your liking.