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Simply Shade Black

New! Simply Shade Window Awning

DIY Installation!

NEW! The Simply Shade Window Awning is the first window awning designed for DIY installation. Now you no longer have to custom order your window awning. In fact, you do not even need to wait for your window awning to be delivered as the Simply Shade Window Awning is a cash and carry product that you can buy and install in the same day!

Available in 2 standard color options; black hardware with a black vinyl fabric or white hardware with a white vinyl fabric. It comes in 3′ – 6′ lengths with increments by the half foot and works for windows up to 36″ tall.

Simply Shade Window Awning includes awning rail, arms, roller assembly and fabric, all necessary mounting hardware and DIY installation instructions.

Brand New Simply Shade!

+ Specifications

Simply Shade Window Awnings

NOTE: If your window is more than 36″ tall, we recommend our Carefree SL XL model window awnings as the simply shade is only designed for windows up to 36″ tall.

What you need to know to order the Simply Shade Window Awning:Simply Shade Dimensions

  • Measure the window and add six inches to determine the best awning fit
  • Measure the height of the window (Fits windows up to 36″ tall)
  • Choose your color: Black or White?
  • Solid black and white not your style? Upgrade your fabric at a discounted rate to match your style or your existing awnings by scanning the QR Code that comes with the awning.
  • Don’t forget to order your pull cane to easily open and close your Simply Shade! Click here to order yours today!

Fabric and Fabric Protection Choices:

View Carefree’s Fabric Options

Premium Vinyl Fabrics

Our premium vinyl awning fabrics are made with a 15oz vinyl and are double-hemmed with long-lasting Gore Tenara thread. They are embedded with an antimicrobial agent to stand up against mildew. Built to last, these fabrics stand up to the light, weather and cleaners better than any other fabric and carry a 10-year warranty (see individual product warranty info for more detail). This 10-year warranty is for parts and freight, 1 year for labor

Standard Vinyl Fabrics

Standard vinyl awning farbics are made with a 13.5oz vinyl and are single-hemmed with traditional fabric thread. Built to last, these fabrics are more durable than competitive awning brands and carry a 1-year warranty (see individual product warranty info for more detail). Available in Dune Stripes, Shale Fades, Classic Favorites.

Acrylic Fabrics

With only minimal care acrylic fabrics will not rot, mildew or deteriorate. The vivid color can’t be removed or washed out because the color pigment is actually in the thread, so the color runs all the way through. The fabric keeps its beautiful color for years. It won’t crack, peel or harden. Acrylic fibers are very strong and extremely durable.

View Fabric Protection Options

Standard Vinyl Weatherguard

Vinyl WeatherGuard is a heavy-duty section of vinyl that also rolls up with your awning to protect it from the elements. It is a standard fabric protection option and is available in white or matching.

FLXguard Fabric Protection

FLXguard is a proprietary polymer developed and offered exclusively by Carefree, that rolls up with your awning to protect it from the elements. FLXguard is flexible, lightweight, robust, and gives your fabric the same protection as more expensive, heavier metal wraps – at a fraction of the cost.

Metal Wraps: Uniguard

The Simply Shade Window Awning is not available with Alumaguard but it is available with Uniguard for those who prefer a metal wrap.


  • Cash and Carry Window Awning
  • Covers windows up to 36″ tall
  • DIY Installation
  • [Optional] Discounted Fabric Upgrade to match your RV!
Simply Shade DIY Installation

DIY Installation

The Simply Shade Window Awning is the first window awning that features DIY Installation. No more waiting or paying for labor to have your window awnings installed!

Simply Shade Cash and Carry

Cash and Carry Product

The Simply Shade Window Awning is a complete window awning package that can be bought and installed the same day. No more waiting around for arm sets and rollers to arrive, the Simply Shade Window Awning has everything you need to have it on your RV and in use the same day you purchase it!

Simply Shade Upgrade Awning

[Optional] Discounted Upgraded Fabric

For those who would prefer an acrylic fabric, premium vinyl fabric or a fabric that simply matches your current awnings, each Simply Shade Window Awning comes with one discounted fabric upgrade. Simply scan the QR code provided with the awning or click the “UPGRADE FABRIC” button above and you can select from any of our fabric and fabric protection options and get them at a heavily discounted price. Please have your product Serial Number info ready to receive your upgrade.