RV awnings are one of the most useful types of accessories you can adorn your RV with; they help provide you with relief from unbearable summer sun and shelter from drizzling rain, and they also allow you to create a delightful outdoor living space when you’re vacationing at a campground.

Because Awnings have become such a staple of the RV experience, it’s only natural that many bells and whistles are available to make this favorite accessory even more functional and fit for entertainment. There are endless ways to upgrade your awning so that your travels will be enhanced to the fullest, allowing you to create everlasting memories and bask in moments of pure recreation.

That being said, here are a few RV awning add-ons that will help to amplify your next adventure on the road:

LED Lighting

There are many available LED lights that are designed to attach to your RV awning, so you no longer have to move the party inside just because the sun goes down. Whether you want to read, conversate, or just bask in the peace of the outdoors, LED attachment lights will allow you to enjoy any activity, no matter what time of the night it is. Many of these lighting options let you adjust the settings by remote control, meaning that you can create a subdued or powerfully bright ambiance without having to leave the comfort of your seat.

RV Awning Room Attachments

If you’re looking for an easy way to expand your living space, room attachments are a great way to go. The rooms are generally lightweight and come with simple instructions for attaching them to your awning. They work wonders if you are wanting some shade from the blistering heat, if you need shelter from some light wind or rain, or if you simply have a crowded RV and are looking to relax and find some breathing room.

SunBlockers and SideBlockers

While your awning itself provides an alluring break from the sun, you can be even further protected from the heat with Sunblockers and Sideblockers. These attach to your awning quickly and easily and can keep out nearly 85% of light, resulting in an area that’s cool and comfortable. The best part is that they are transparent, so you can continue to soak up the gorgeous surroundings without being subjected to the harsh glare of the sun’s rays.

Awning Canopy Extensions

Canopy extensions are designed to elongate the benefits of the canopy that you already use by creating an extended outdoor living area. The canopy extensions add multiple feet of additional shelter to your awning, so these are a solid solution if you’re hoping to maximize your shade coverage to allow you to truly spread out and relax. They’re also a good idea if you’re travelling with quite a few passengers and are in need of more room to set up an area fit for lounging.

Awning Mats

High quality awning mats are both a stylish and a practical addition to your lounging area. They enhance how your outdoor area appears aesthetically by adding an element of color and polish, and they also serve a couple of functional purposes as well. Because they are designed to filter through dirt and water, they create a reliable boundary between you and the ground, which can be especially useful when it’s wet and rainy outside. The less water and dirt your feet come into contact with, the less you’ll drag into your RV.

Awning mats also help provide a level foundation to place patio furniture, as bumpy grass and rocky gravel areas don’t allow for the sturdiest of setups.

Coming to a Close

As you can see, there is no shortage of RV awning accessories that can help you add an element of luxury and relaxation to your next travel adventure. Carefree of Colorado has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to RV awnings and products, and we’ll be more than happy to help you find everything that you need in order to have your best journey yet.