Carefree RV Products

+Folding Camping Trailer

Folding Camping Trailers also known as Pop-ups or Tent campers offer the versatility of tent camping with the protection of RV camping. Check out our Folding Camper Trailer awnings, rooms and accessories to enhance your campsite, increase your living space and enjoy the great outdoors!

Striped open RV awning

+ Patio Awnings

If you’re looking for a trustworthy patio awning to complete your outdoor leisure area, we have no shortage of options to choose from! With various fabrics, fits, and function available, here you’ll find the perfect RV awning for your folding camping trailer so that you can minimize your sun problems without compromising on style and luxury.

+ Rooms

Our rooms attach easily and seamlessly to your RV awning to help magnify your shade, keep out pesky bugs, and stay dry if it rains. Now you can enjoy the fresh air with even more comfort and ease!

+ Accessories

From ground mats to LED lights, we offer a full line of accessories for our RV awnings. You can trust that our Carefree RV awning accessories will be made from sturdy, durable material to help elevate your recreational vehicles and outdoor living space for years to come.