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Awning Stabiliz'r
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HD Awning Stabiliz’r

The HD Awning Stabiliz’r is a new, Heavy-Duty version of the Awning Stabiliz’r pole kit and provides vertical support to your awning. It is the first pole kit to accommodate both box awnings and awnings with roll bars, with the versatility of fitting Carefree and competitive brand awnings. It comes standard with stakes and tie-downs to secure the poles to the awning and the ground. Want to further stabilize your awning in less than 5 minutes? The HD Awning Stabiliz’r is your solution!

Finger touching button

For awnings with roll bars

Finger touching button
Stabiliz’r Grip

For securing pole kit to a box awning

Finger touching button
Crank Knob

Used to secure pole kit after adjusting the height

Finger touching button
Stakes and Straps

To secure poles to ground and awning

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