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Awning Stabiliz'r
Awning Stabiliz'r
Awning Stabiliz'r
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  • Anti Flap Kit HDR Editable
  • Anti Flap Kit BW

Black Anti-Flap Kit

This product is on sale! Originally $349.99 + $15.00 Shipping, now $299 + Free Shipping!

The Anti-Flap kit by Carefree of Colorado is designed to clamp onto each side of your awning canopy, making it more taught and helping eliminate excessive canopy movement that can damage the awning hardware. It will also offer added rigidity and support to your awning. It is designed to work with both manual and powered awnings and features an easy twist knob to secure the rafter in place. Designed to fit awnings with an 8′ projection only. Available in black and white hardware.

Finger touching button

To secure to roll bar without drilling

Finger touching button
Rafter Pin

To secure to roll bar after drilling 3/8″ hole

Finger touching button
Twist Knob

To secure rafter in place

Finger touching button

Installs at RV sidewall for quick and easy installation of rafter

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