RV owners come from all walks of life. Many of us have families, others are retirees and some are newlyweds living the full-time RVing dream. The RV lifestyle can be fitting for just about anyone, including famous celebrities we see on the big screen. Rockstars use their RV for touring the country and actors might live in one when filming movies but there are many celebrities that are simply RV people, just like us. Although their RVs might be a bit more extravagant than some of us can dream, many celebrities still enjoy the comforts of their RV the same way that any proud RV owner would.

There is no shortage of celebrities who enjoy the RV lifestyle. Many celebrities embrace the RV lifestyle, some to the lavish extreme (like Vin Diesel’s million dollar home on wheels) and others who keep things a little more low-key (like Matthew McConaughey). Other celebrities such as Sean Penn, Colin Farrell and Brad Pitt are also proud owners of Airstreams.

Jeff Daniels is another avid RVer, who has enjoyed the lifestyle for over two decades. He has discussed his RV life on talk shows (like David Letterman) and has his own YouTube channel documenting some of his RV travels. Daniels was even quoted saying “you can’t call yourself an American until you’ve been behind the wheel of an RV”.

So whether you have a family that loves to travel or a famous superstar, it’s easy to get bit by the RVing bug. Here at Carefree of Colorado, we strive to create RV awnings and RV Accessories that fit both the lavish and economical RV lifestyle.