Every year, millions of Americans pack up their cars and hit the open road in search of reconnecting with nature, family and friends. We hunt for the perfect campsite, set up our tents and roll out the sleeping bags in hopes of getting a good night’s sleep. Fast forward to day two, and you’re counting down the hours until you are back in your soft, cozy bed freshly clean after a hot shower. Let’s be honest; “roughing it” is not for everyone, so why camp when you can glamp?

Now, glamping does not always mean luxurious or glamorous camping. We like to think of glamping as an alternative to camping that allows you to enjoy all that Mother Nature has to offer along with the comfort of still having some or most of your amenities at your fingertips. For our fellow RVers, this glamping lifestyle may sound familiar. When RVers travel, they have a real bed to sleep in, a bathroom to use (that is not shared with wildlife) and, of course, electricity that’s readily available. After all, your RV is your home on wheels!

Although glamping is not a new concept, it has recently swept the nation. Travelers can now perch up in a luxurious treehouse in the rainforest or set up camp in a sturdy canvas tent with electricity. Although RVers find themselves pretty settled no matter where they go, there are still a few RV upgrades that could bring even more comfort and luxury to your next trip. For starters, we always recommend adding the Carefree LED Awning Light Kit to your RV awning. Whether you choose the white, bright light or go with our color option, the LED lights are perfect for entertaining, and they provide enough light to read under. When you’re ready to escape the hot summer sun, consider adding the Carefree EZ Zipblocker to your awning. This cuts 85% of the sun’s light to keep you cool and comfortable. Finally, when you’re ready for the ultimate space upgrade, consider adding the Carefree Vacation’r Room to your RV. The Vacation’r is a lightweight room specifically designed to fit the Carefree 12v Eclipse and Travel’r as well as all brands of traditional RV patio awnings.

Whether you consider having a warm bed and a real bathroom a “glamping” experience, or you are looking for something a little more deluxe, it’s not too hard to find what you’re looking for. Just hop into your RV!