Being on the road is a unique, liberating experience. You get to take in amazing sights, learn about different cultures, and explore fascinating locations. After you return from your exciting experience, it makes you appreciate your home that much more. As fun as travel is, the age-old adage of “there’s no place like home” is a frequently-used statement for a reason.

However, for those embarking on extended RV treks or who are living the full-time lifestyle, the RV is the home they return to. Just like with any long-term or permanent living space, the more that the occupants take the time to personalize it, the more it starts to feel like a cozy retreat from the busy outside world. Instead of functioning as a standard motorhome designed to get passengers down the road, an RV can be transformed into a warm and inviting house-on-wheels.

If you’re considering personalizing your own RV, here are a few tips to make it the comfortable home you envision:

Be Thoughtful and Practical With How You Decorate Your RV

Since campers and RVs are frequently in motion, you most likely don’t want to drive around with your finest china in the cabinets. While the limited size and mobile nature do force you to think with practicality, there are still many ways to decorate your RV in a thoughtful, personal way, such as:

Paint the walls and cabinets

RVs are designed to be fairly neutral, but some can look pretty drab and outdated, especially if you invested in a used model. If you want to add some flare and personality to your rig, consider repainting the walls or cabinets with a color you find inviting and captivating. It’s incredible how simply adding a different color can transform the ambiance of a small space.

Hang up photos and art

Whether you want to see framed family photos or eye-catching abstract art on your walls, adding visual elements to your walls is an easy way to make your RV feel like more of a traditional home. If you’re worried about your art falling off, there are many ways to mount things onto the walls, including nails (though you need to be careful not to pierce important wires), adhesive hooks, or velcro tape.

Add rugs, curtains, and furniture covers that complement your color scheme

This will help your home-on-wheels have a cohesive, unified feel.

Consider Revamping the Interior Furniture

If your RV has furniture that is worn down or dated, there are RV furniture centers where you can upgrade your current setup into something modern and sleek.

In order to feel like home, it’s important that you choose furniture that is actually comfortable. It’s where you’ll be lounging, relaxing, conversing, eating, and sleeping.

Speaking of sleep, the bed is a crucial element of creating a living space that feels like a retreat after a busy day. RV mattresses aren’t always the most comfortable, but you can upgrade or find mattress toppers that will help you get a solid night of blissful rest. It may seem like you can just swap out your RV mattress for your traditional one, but even if they are both labeled as queen sized, RV mattresses tend to be a bit shorter by a couple of inches. Take the time to ensure your replacement will be the right fit for your RV model.

Create a Cozy Outdoor Area Underneath Your RV Awning

RV awnings make it easy to create a comfortable outdoor area right outside of your RV, and if you do it right, it can feel like you’re unwinding on a peaceful backyard porch. By adorning your area with comfortable patio furniture and utilizing awning accessories, such as an RV awning mat, awning LED lights, and a reliable sunblocker, you can create an outdoor lounge area where you can relax day or night.

On a similar note, you can also look into RV awning rooms. One thing that a traditional home offers is space and privacy. If you’re traveling with family or friends and want to isolate yourself away for some solitude, these rooms allow you to do just that. They easily attach to your RV awning, creating an external, enclosable room that allows you to shut out the world.

Find Ways to Keep Your RV Organized

While not everyone is a neatfreak, a bit of basic organization can help anyone feel more at peace living in an RV. When the chaos of clutter makes it hard to move around or find items you need, it’s difficult to feel completely at ease in your home-on-wheels. When you have a place for everything, it helps your space feel like a more permanent living area, and it also will help you develop a rhythm and routine when living there.

Because the space is limited, it’s easy for an RV to get messy. A great way to make more room is to utilize your walls for storage. You can find baskets, shoe racks, spice racks, etc., that hook onto the walls, instantly opening up your options of where to store things. Similarly, using space-saving items such as stackable dishes and storing items in spaces underneath your bed or couch can allow for a tidier home.

Closing Up

When you’re on the road, nothing enhances the pure joy of traveling more than knowing you never have to leave home in order to embark on stunning journeys. Hopefully this information will help you begin the process of turning your RV into a comfy, welcoming space that you are happy to return to after a busy day exploring your ever-changing surroundings.

Happy travels!

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