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Freedom Roof RV Awning

Freedom Roof Mount Awning

No Latches to Unlock

The Freedom Roof Mount has all the same features and benefits as the wall mount version, except instead of mounting to the side of your unit, it mounts up on the roof. As it opens the arms unfold as you turn the hand crank or push a button (12 volt models only). The support arms fold out of the lead bar once it’s at eye level and within easy reach. The support arms adjust easily with flip lock controls to adjust for awning height. To close, just fold the support arms up into the lead rail and crank in the opposite direction – or simply push a button on the motorized awning; the awning case closes and locks automatically. The 12V model includes a manual override if power is lost.

+ Specifications


Operation: Manual Crank or 12V push button
Length: 2.5m – 4.0m in half meter increments (endcap to endcap)

  • 2.5m (8’5″)
  • 3.0m (9’10”)
  • 3.5m (11’6″)
  • 4.0m (13’1″)

Height: 6.5″
Depth: 3.6″
Weight: 2.5m = approximately 50 lbs., 4.0m = approximately 70 lbs.
Canopy Width: Actual fabric measures approximately 6″ shorter than awning length end cap to end cap
Canopy max extension: 2.5m = 79″ and all other sizes are 98″
Lead Rail Drop @ max extension: 12″ – 36″ (adjustable)
Case color: Satin, White or Black
Fabric: Vinyl or Acrylic

Power requirements (For 12 Volt Push Button Models Only)

12V, 15A

Packaged product Includes

Freedom awning, 2 bottom brackets for support legs, all electronics and installation/owner’s manual.

NOTE: Roof mount brackets sold separately.

Fabric Options

Available with acrylic or vinyl canopy.

View Carefree’s patio awning fabric options

Case Options

Available in standard case colors: white, black, and satin.

View hardware color swatches


Quick, Easy, Manual Operation

Easy operation
Sleek look
Fast setup
Self contained support arms
Unmatched beauty
Fully protected canopy

RV Awning Crank

Manual Model

Comes complete with telescoping hand crank.

Edge of RV Awning

12V Power Model

Includes emergency manual override in case of power loss.

Full or Partial Extension

If you don’t have the space to crank your Freedom awning out to full extension, you can stop at any point, unfold the support arms and secure them to the ground or back to your camper. The case is available in either white, black or satin finish.