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Mirage RV Awning

Mirage & Mirage 2-Stage

110V Mirage with Direct Response Electronics

Includes easy-to-use controls and the Motion Detection System. The Mirage is the only box awning that has a system to detect canopy motion, the most important element to prevent wind damage. The Mirage automatically retracts when the canopy reaches a certain level of movement – you determine the movement level on the control panel.

+ Specifications

110V Mirage with Direct Response Electronics
Sealed 110V motor is UL approved
Optional Remote Control available
Mirage awning pitch can be adjusted to up to 30″

Ordering Tip

The Mirage Awning measurement is end-of-case to end-of-case (including two 1.5″ standard end caps).


14′ – 21′ with 10′ projection. Size refers to box length, actual fabric length will be 8″ shorter.

Fabric Colors

Get custom color factory orders in just 72 hours!

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Mirage is available in solid acrylics only.

Case Colors

Available in black or white.


Superior Design…

Designed specifically for RV use, Carefree’s Mirage is the strongest, most durable lateral arm box awning available. Robust, sturdy lateral arms support the elegant acrylic canopy and lead rail.

Quality is in the details…

Carefree uses only the most reliable, proven and trusted components available. For worry-free use, easy-to-use controls are located inside your RV, there’s no guessing when operating the Mirage… You control extension and retraction.

Best Value…

Carefree uses only the finest acrylic fabrics to match your RV. Choose from standard solid acrylic colors or a variety of custom acrylic colors. The durable fabric is housed in a heavy-duty, resilient aluminum case that can be custom ordered in White or Black to go with the color scheme of your RV.

The Original…

Carefree introduced the first powered lateral arm awning in 1990.

New, Innovative Direct Response Electronics

Mirage RV Awning

Motion Detection System

The Mirage is the only awning that has a system to detect canopy motion. The new Motion Detection System senses canopy movement, the most important element to prevent wind/weather damage. Anemometers mounted on the top of RVs ONLY detect wind and may cause the awning to retract EVEN if the wind isn’t causing motion in the canopy.
The Mirage automatically retracts when the canopy reaches a certain level of movement – you determine the movement level.
The Motion Sensor Box is located inside the awning box, as indicated by the red arrow.
Peace of mind: the motion sensor box constantly “talks” with the control panel to ensure that the Auto-Retract feature is functional. If for some reason it is not functional the control panel will alert you. This notification occurs regardless of whether the Auto-Retract is turned On or Off.

Easy-to-Use Control Panel

The Control Panel is located on the inside of your RV for easy access. Simply press the “power on” button and then press the “extend” button to deploy your awning. You control wind sensitivity with the easy-to-read control panel. To retract the awning, simply push the “retract” button. Direct Response Electronics are also available on Carefree’s Eclipse awning.
To activate the Motion Detection System, press the “on” button and then choose from five different settings. The auto-retract settings range from high to low sensitivity.
You can easily position your awning from inside your RV by glancing at the green light on the control panel.

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Wireless Remote Control Option

The Mirage can be conveniently operated from anywhere near your RV with the Wireless Remote Control Upgrade Option.