The RV Industry is showing no signs of slowing down.  With RV shipments reaching an eight-year high in 2014 and an 11% gain* over 2013, there are more RV’ers on the road than ever before.  This is a welcome opportunity for us at Carefree of Colorado to showcase our innovative and expansive product line.  Our sole focus is on the design and development of RV awnings and related comfort and convenience products and has been for over 40 years.  What sets Carefree apart is our commitment to quality, value, performance and style.

RV Awnings: The Best in the Industry

At Carefree, quality starts with utilizing high-quality raw materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing technology to produce the fit, form, function and finish that are the staples of our design discipline.  Our highly experienced workforce, averaging seven years of experience, ensures that every product we send out the door is of the utmost quality, meeting our design standards and, most importantly, the expectations of our customers.

When it comes to value, Carefree is focused on providing a full product range and acting as a one-stop shop for all awning applications.  We serve the RV market by offering awnings for virtually any RV, from the entry-level pop-up camper up to the custom million dollar bus conversion.  The other key to our value is our pledge to Customer Service.  With a highly trained and knowledgeable Customer Service Team, we are able to maintain strong customer satisfaction by offering unparalleled support throughout the shopping experience and product lifecycle.

Unmatched Style and Performance

Carefree strives to deliver an exceptional user experience with every product we distribute and the performance and features of our products have been carefully considered and implemented to only improve that user experience.  Additionally, Carefree understands your RV is an extension of yourself and we make sure our products offer consistent style to match their performance.  We offer many fabrics, patterns, and color options to match the wide range of RV products available in the industry today as well as the capability to easily upgrade the style and performance of your RV awnings as those needs evolve.

Along with providing our customers with quality, value, performance, and style in our product line, we are also excited about the launch of our newly redesigned and easier to use, website.  The new features streamlined menus, simple navigation and mobile-friendly pages.  Shoppers have the ability to create their own custom awning and learn about the newest Carefree products as well as find repair parts, replacement fabrics, and useful technical information.   The “Find A Dealer” feature is our simple dealer search tool which will help customers easily and quickly locate the nearest authorized Carefree dealer.