When hitting the open road, RVers are left with two options for their furry family members: bring them along or find them a temporary home. If leaving your pets behind is not an option you want to even consider, no need to fret, traveling with your animals doesn’t have to be a hassle. When you hit the road with your home on wheels, your pets can easily fit into your travel plans.

Before leaving the house, make sure to follow these handy tips:

  • Check your campground’s pet policy. Although most RV parks and campgrounds allow pets, some may restrict specific breeds or charge fees for your furry friends. There may also be a restriction on how many dogs you can bring.
  • Prepare! You don’t want to find yourself on the road without important supplies for your pet. These include food, treats, water, dishes, leashes, medicine, toys, waste pick-up baggies and a litter box for your cat. No-spill food and water dishes can help prevent a mess while traveling.
  • Be ready for emergencies. This means locating and writing down the information for the nearest animal hospital when you arrive and having a pet first aid kit.
  • Double check that the information on your pet’s tag is current and has your cell phone information. Accidents happen, and if your pet accidentally wanders off the campsite, it will be much easier for someone to return them to their rightful owner.
  • Never leave your pet inside of your RV without proper ventilation or air running. We know how hot it can get in the summer time!
  • If you know you’re going to allow your dog to run around outside but worry it might wander or run away from the campsite, make sure to bring Tie-Outs.
  • Consider buckling your pets up while driving. You do it, so why not your pet? A fixed carrier or a seatbelt harness should do the trick.

Now that you are ready to bring along your furry friend everywhere you travel, it’s time to plan your RV trip. What could be better than bringing fido on a hike or playing fetch while camping? Most importantly, remember to have fun and enjoy this special time with your entire family.