If you’re an avid RVer, chances are, you have camped at a Kampground of America (KOA). KOAs have been around since 1962 and have provided millions of customers with endless camping memories and fun. With almost 500 locations in the USA and Canada, KOA is the largest system of privately owned campgrounds in North America. So, what makes a KOA so highly regarded and well-known? Find out below.

Higher Standards

All KOAs are part of a franchise consisting of privately owned campgrounds. These campgrounds are evaluated and held to higher standards than the vast majority of campgrounds. Since the campgrounds are all privately owned, many owners live on-site and are able to assist you around the clock. Campers can often find help with minor repairs or receive suggestions for local mechanics when visiting a KOA, and the on-site stores often carry parts and accessories. This amenity may not be offered at other campgrounds that are run by companies and have employees that go home at the end of the day.

Facilities and Services

Many KOA campgrounds will offer more than just bathroom and shower facilities on-site. At a KOA campground, you might also find laundry rooms, game rooms, movie rentals, bike rentals, boat rentals, and swimming pools. Most KOA locations also have fenced, off-leash Kamp K9 Pet Parks for your four-legged friends. This is definitely a pet-perk many campgrounds don’t offer!

Competitive Rates

Although KOA offers a lot more than the average campground, their rates are very reasonable. The prices are comparable to most campgrounds and certainly are cheaper than any motel! If you wish to get away and stay in a cabin instead of your rig, they offer competitive rates for their cabins as well. To make things even sweeter, KOA offers rate specials throughout the year!

Locations and Attractions

Many travelers choose to ship their vehicles from Miami or a nearby port all the way to their destination. When you’re done traveling, you can ship your vehicle back.

The locations of many KOAs cannot be overlooked. Whether located off of the highway or near a national park, their campgrounds are everywhere! On top of being conveniently located near historic sites and natural wonders, KOA experts are located at every location to assist you in completing your itinerary.

So next time you find yourself searching for a RV park or campsite, don’t take the risk of choosing the wrong location – stick with KOA!